Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Delta Goodrem dates Nick Jonas - eight years her junior - shock!

According to the Daily Mail: "She announced her split from fiancé Brian McFadden less than two months ago.
But it appears that Delta Goodrem, 26, is wasting no time in moving on.
The Australian singer has been pictured holding hands with Nick Jonas, 18, on a cinema date in West Hollywood."

And still the shock and horror at a mixed age relationship continues. Twitter is bursting with 'WTF' and "weird coupling" and "what is the world coming to" sort of statements.

One tweet even claimed that Delta was old enough to be Nick's mother! At just eight years older, that is pushing it slightly, I'd say.

And all this coming  from our younger, more 'liberal' and  supposedly 'unshockable' generation.

We have a nation that will happily watch someone die on television but reels in disgust at a mixed age relationship...

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