Monday, 19 September 2011

A very male solution for mums missing university bound teens

So, on Saturday, I drop my lovely daughter at Uni. We say our final farewells, and then I find myself sitting in the car, alone, outside her hall, watching as she strolls back up to her new room without a hint of a backwards glance towards me. Oh, well, that's it then. Job done.

"Parenting is about giving them roots, but also giving them wings," my wise friend Jim said to me last week.. And there's no doubt that my fledgling daughter has found her wings in no time at all. I should be  a proud old bird, I guess. But, somehow...

Back at the empty nest, I confide in Ad Man that it feels very odd to see L's room, lying vacant, without the usual clutter of electronic gadgets and H&M merchandise..

"Well, shut the door then" he suggests.

A practical solution, yep. But not quite what I was looking for in terms of comforting words.

Welcome to my new male-dominated world...


  1. I came across your blog via Circle of Moms! I’m a newly single mother of two that runs half marathons in my spare time and I look forward to learning from you … as I try to balance everything.
    Thanks for putting your thoughts out there for others to learn from!

  2. Hi Jamie! Thanks for visiting.. I'm not sure I'm much of a guru to learn from especially when it comes to balancing! Good luck with it all