Monday, 25 June 2012

Sam Taylor Wood has married her 'toyboy'

Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson have tied the knot!
Well good for them - Aaron clearly has more staying power than I predicted (in an earlier blog post) when it comes to throwing himself into family life at such a tender age.
And for any of you cynics out there tutting and saying that he is clearly just using her to forward his career/fame etc, I've also been reliably informed by a film biz friend of mine, that they are genuinely mad about each other.
And why shouldn't they be?!
Regular visitors to my blog will know that this is the point when I rant a little bit about the fact that people are so suspicious of any relationship with a significant age difference.. but it still stuns me that any media report I've read of their wedding has used the word Toyboy in the first few words, called their relationship 'controversial' and pointed to the 23-year age gap before the first paragraph has even finished.
Even poor Sam has felt compelled to tell one reporter: "In the old days 'controversial in a relationship meant same -sex or mixed race. Now, it is a woman with a younger man. That would not happen with a man."
And Aaron, bless him, pointed out: "We don't see an age gap, we just see each other."

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