Monday, 25 June 2012

Sam Taylor Wood has married her 'toyboy'

Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson have tied the knot!
Well good for them - Aaron clearly has more staying power than I predicted (in an earlier blog post) when it comes to throwing himself into family life at such a tender age.
And for any of you cynics out there tutting and saying that he is clearly just using her to forward his career/fame etc, I've also been reliably informed by a film biz friend of mine, that they are genuinely mad about each other.
And why shouldn't they be?!
Regular visitors to my blog will know that this is the point when I rant a little bit about the fact that people are so suspicious of any relationship with a significant age difference.. but it still stuns me that any media report I've read of their wedding has used the word Toyboy in the first few words, called their relationship 'controversial' and pointed to the 23-year age gap before the first paragraph has even finished.
Even poor Sam has felt compelled to tell one reporter: "In the old days 'controversial in a relationship meant same -sex or mixed race. Now, it is a woman with a younger man. That would not happen with a man."
And Aaron, bless him, pointed out: "We don't see an age gap, we just see each other."

click here to read the Daily Mail's report of the wedding


  1. From one inadvertent cougar to another... your blog has been such a boost in the midst of the emotional minefield that is the telling-friends-and-family stage of an age-gap relationship! Some people do seem to be bent on telling you - for your own good! - that you're going to ruin your own life and that of your putative love. I'm 47 with 3 kids, he's 27. My eldest daughter is only 5 years younger than him, and I'm only 3 years younger than his Mum... thankfully my kids like him and approve of the relationship, and his mum, while not wanting to be best friends, is being calm about the whole thing at least. My best friend, on the other hand, who is a counsellor, is shocked and absolutely against the whole concept, despite knowing both of us well. Or perhaps because she knows both of us well! I can see it's going to be an uphill struggle convincing some people, but your example with Ad Man has given me renewed heart for the fight. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for getting in touch, and I'm very pleased that my experience has given you a boost. I've just finished my novel on the subject, and am hoping that it might encourage and reassure plenty of other women out there!

      I know it can be tough, but if you have your children on side then that is really good news. I'm really intrigued as to what reasons your counsellor friend has given you for not supporting the relationship. Do you feel able to tell me? I might be able to reassure you on some points.

  2. Well when it comes to comment about other peoples relationships its always difficult to point a finger and say what will happend in the future, but in this hollywood case comments should be made. Its a fact that Sam Taylor Wood must be a very interesting woman, otherwise why a very good looking young actor would be remotely interest in her? Also its just too soon to assume that their relationship is a sucessfull one, clearly they are in love, but love is never enough, right now they are in a state of passion that prevents them from seeing any possible problems, but passion doesnt last, and what used to be little and meaninless (such as financial problems, different religions or an age gap...) during an state of passion can become (after the passion in gone) quite unconfortable and difficult to bear, plus there is an element that really bothers me, and it doesnt have to do with the age gap in itself, what is disturbing is the fact that Aaron was just nineteen when their relationship started, can you remember how it was when you were nineteen? Could you picture yourself (or your nineteen year old son) at that age being mature enough to get married and raise a family? I dont think so, but its part of being a teenager act irresponsably, and impulsively since teenagers always believe that they know everything, so Aaron's behavior is underestandable, but what about Sam? Sam is a prefect grown woman, with two daughters at the time and reltionship experienced, she should know better, because in the end she is the one in the most vulnerable position, once she and Aaron divorce each other he is probably be still young and hansome, when Sam would be the middle age (almost elderly) woman with four kids to raise, because frankly I never met any couple with such an age gap like them (when the woman is older) lasting for a lifetime. And it cant really last for a lifetime, because even if she dies old he would still have to live the twenty years he would have left.

  3. I agree. It's not the age difference so much as his starting age. As long as the younger of these couples understand that long term they will most certainly become a care nurse for their partner. That there is a good chance their mid-life cruises will be watching the significant other die. I'm all for it.